Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Australia Update

Details, flights etc are being finalised.

Thank you to Chris Smith for inviting me, it will be an amazing experience.

A 30 hr journey with 7 hours stopping off in Singapore will be intertesting and a few books will I have no doubt be read on the way.

I will be attending for three days a Collaboration where many woodturners, carvers, and other artists take turns working on various pieces, showing and sharing ideas and methods. The pieces when finished are all signed by those making them and are auctioned with the proceeds going to future collaborations.

This link takes you to the Western Australia Collaboration web site where you can view more details about the event.

Following this three day event I will be taking in the sights and hospitality of Chris and Ali and giving a demo on the 8th of August before returning home on the 10th with lots of pictures to show how it went.

Other than this I am very busy making and getting various demos etc sorted out.


Lee Robert Sneddon said...

I'm so pleased for you Mark. Great to see you making waves on the international scene. I am sure that all who attend in Australia will be very impressed by your skills and charisma.

All the best for a safe and fruitful trip.

john smith said...

Hi Mark I have said the congratulations bit so JUST ENJOY
Regards John

Mark said...

Hi Lee

Thank you for your thoughts. Have been chasing my tail, being summer holidays in all. Must give you a ring and catch up.

Not sure about charisma, but I like the compliment :-), it depends on which side of the bed I get out of. :-)


Thank you again. It will certainly be an experience that I will enjoy and I will be taking my camera an intend to fill up the 8GB card.

Thank you both again.

George Foweraker said...

I hope you enjoy the experiance Mark.

Rosemary said...

Hi Mark, just caught up with your news. Sounds like a great opportunity. How wonderful to be able to work collaboatively with other talented people. Enjoy.

ps. redone my website

Mark said...

Hi Rosemary

Good to hear from you. Yes I am very fortunate to be asked and it will be a great experience.

Your web site looks great. I love you Collage Panels very effective indeed.

Looking forward to getting some more time to look through it later as I have my youngest nagging me to go into the workshop.

I will add a link to my web site and blog later.

Take care