Wednesday, 15 August 2012


 Yesterday I spent a day with my daughters at the local park to chill out.

As ever I took my camera and while sitting at a bench where we ate our lunch I decided to set myself a task of taking pictures of anything within reach without leaving the seat.

The following pictures are some of the many I took, mostly in macro and most objects taken were around 10mm max size.

I find decay and impermenance a very powerful subject. The older I get the more I realise how many things in life are impermenant. Ultimately our existance is the same as the leaf,  we are, merely at a different stage in our journey.

The alge below was not more than 5-10mm wide

Under the bench I found an old pair of broken nail scissors.

The largest crack in the bench/wood below was less than a millimeter 

The largest rounds of the algae below were smaller than 1mm


G.Watkins said...

Graeat pictures Mark

Mark said...

Hi George

Thanks for your comment.

I enjoy my photography and am slowly learning about the different functions.