Friday, 17 August 2012


Within my last thread I mentioned that I am waiting for some news.

The news is that recently I was asked if I would like to demonstrate in Australia, obviously it did not take me long to come to a decision for this but I had to wait for confirmation.

Today I received this confirmation to travel out to arrive on the 2nd of October. More details to come but I am up early today for a 5 hour drive to Norfolk to demonstrate at Turn East so I will update when I get back on Monday.


George Foweraker said...

Great news Mark.
You are obviously getting the recognition you deserve.

G.Watkins said...

Thats great news Mark

john smith said...

Hello Mark, Congratulations on your invitation to demonstrate in Australia. I hope you had a good weekend at Turn East. Regards John

Mark said...

Hi George, George and John

Thank you for your comments. The trip to Australia came out of the blue. It will be a very interesting and worthwhile trip, it was quite surprising when I was at Turn East A couple of people came up to me to congratulate me on the trip.

Surprising how many people read my blog, which is good.


Turn East was very well organise, attended and a great few days.

Although I can confirm that teh M25 is still the boil on the rear end of the road network.

Thank you all again

Ray Small said...

Well done Mark. Perhaps you should drop a hint to Terry about visiting NZ while you're down there!

Mark said...

Hi Ray

Thank you for your comment. I would lovbe to go to NZ but I have limitations as to how long I can be away for.

Hopefully one day I will be able to pop down and see Terry, if he would have me that is. :-)