Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Bit of development and get around to finishing some more.

One of my favourite pastimes is procrastination, luckily however, having to pay bills with what I earn from working with wood means that I can not totally lose myself in new designs, ideas etc. 

Often I become bored of an idea as another pops into my head, so I start a the new project, I enjoy this way of working, it is a rubbish method from a commercial point of view, but hey, all work and no play as they say. I am of course very fortunate as I believe that actually I don't work, as I do indeed play everyday making things I want to make. ( Most of the time anyhow).

While this is a beautiful way to live compared to the treadmill routine of my last career, it can if I do not have deadlines to meet mean I can become very unproductive whiling the hours away with my sketchbook, camera and the concocting of new ideas. 

My teaching, demonstrating however seems to go from strength to strength as are commissions so at the moment the balance is on the right side of the line, just. !

Anyway I am starting to get a body of work together for an exhibition and have set myself a target of 15-20 pieces, ( other than bowls, bread and butter items which I continue to make). 

Some of the forms I am finally finishing. Tried to finish them a while ago but gave up as my interests were in other work. 

Sycamore form. 

The same form as at the top of the page and above, except as you can see it has been textured ready for colouring. 

Although it probably does not look as if much work has been done to this piece since it's last posting I have spent another 2-3 hours refining with the finishing/sanding process now having been started. 


George foweraker said...

Hi Mark.I love the texturing on this hollow form.

Mark said...

Hi George

Thank you. It took around four hours to do and is just one of several I am doing at the moment.

Thanks again

Ray Small said...

Procrastination is a hobby of mine too!
Perhaps we should set up a group called Procrastinators Anonymous...

Then we'd be a group of PAs!! lol

Love the texturing btw!


Mark said...

Hi Ray

That sounds like a good idea. Life is too short to waste it on being organised. :-)

Thanks for your interest .

Take care