Friday, 19 October 2012

Yandle's demo

This evening I will be at Yandles woodturning club for a demo, with the theme being how to utilise branch wood.

These are a couple of pieces I have prepared this morning ready for the demo. The top one is a thin walled wing bowl, made from Holme Oak. really not as difficult as people will have you think they are.

Below a small for hollowed with a spindle gouge, again not complex. Both projects are a good foundation for development as I will show in a future thread over the next week or so.


chris hill said...

great demo Mark, Amy and I really enjoyed it, I am now having to try to slow her down as she wants to try hollow forms, although she has only just finished her 1st bowl!
cheers Chris

Mark said...

Hi Chris

Thanks for that. I am glad you and Amy enjoyed the demo. It was great to see such a young person interested in a demo.

Starting at such a young age Amy will be out turning you within a couple of years so I would watch out. :-)

Take care and thanks for the comments.

George foweraker said...

This is realy nice mark.