Wednesday, 31 October 2012


It is a busy time at the moment and I am not getting a great deal of time to spend in long sessions of making, rather fleeting from one project to another depending upon the deadline seems to be the order of the day.Currently I am getting ready for two days at Strictly Woodturning, followed by an all day demo the very next day, so it is a case of preparing in advance so that when I get home on Friday evening I can unload what I do not need, sharpen the tools and re-pack for a long journey to Garden of England Woodturners the next day.

Added to this I have teaching, commissions and projects in the background plus other work that I keep juggling and moving around. The workload seems to get busier and busier, the more I travel the more comes back in return and I get more enquiries.

Since coming back from Australia I have received another invite to go abroad to a very exciting event indeed but one I will discuss later.

Having two young children who are growing up fast makes me very conscious of my role at home within the family unit which is central to our home set up, but  at times we have to go where the work is and I am very privileged to receive more invites from abroad to get involved in some very exciting projects. It is great fun, but there is flip side to everything and one I am conscious of balancing with my family.

A bit of progress on the three pieces I finished on the lathe a short while ago has been achieved. Initially I textured the taller form with the same over its entire surface as previously shown. However this was too' clean' for my current liking and I wanted to get into a heavily textured/decaying surface, so I have added a second texture while leaving remnants of the first.

The other two forms have been textured with a base colour added, they are however are still very much in the beginning stages and I will think about how to continue with them shortly, I may add acrylic paints/sprays, metal foils, and or other materials many of which I add to my pieces but I want to try a different approach on a couple of the pieces to try out some new materials and methods.

The picture is poor due to the lighting in my workshop and I only have time to snap a quick representation without setting up my lighting. However more pictures will be posted of much better quality as they progress.

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