Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Yew hollow form

While I am trying to write the blog entry for my trip I thought I would post this piece. Having a tidy up of the workshop I have amassed numerous offcuts offcuts with which I make these small forms. They are relaxing to turn and take half an hour to complete.


Paul said...

wow half hour fairplay Mark its lovely,Iv'e got two hollow forms under my belt and they took a while longer but enjoying the process.

Mark said...

Hi Paul

This piece is only small and while it is hollowed there is a hidden technique for how I do it which makes it much quicker to hollow.

Glad you are getting on well with your hollowing. Speed is not an issue unless you are trying to make a living from turning.

If you are fast and efficient it generally means that instead of being broke from turning you will just be poor instead. :-)

Anyone that tells you they make a mint from turning is telling porkies.

But going into the workshop to play for a job makes up for it and the money helps pay for the bread under the beans. :-)