Monday, 20 June 2011

A few recent articles

Here are a few pictures of the finished projects that have been published in GMC Publications Magazine "Woodturning". Currently I write an article for the magazine each month. The process is very rewarding as it keeps me to a deadline and gets me thinking in relation to how to explain the processes involved. This in turn helps me greatly with teaching and demonstrating.

The first is my take on a bamboo wall hung vase. Traditionally in the far east bamboo is used and simply cut. A hole drilled through the back and hung on a nail. Simple and beautiful especiall is a single rare orchid is grown and displayed in the glass receptical.

The second below is a simple open form finished with acrylic spray paint and gold leaf over textured panels.


Mood Wood said...

Hi Mate,

The second of these 2 pieces is very, very nice indeed. So simple and elegant it speaks of a style all your own.

Great articles on both pieces too.



Mark said...

Hi Lee

Thank you for your interest. The second piece is a variation of my "chilli" form. Often I look at what I have produced and tweek it a little. The result I was very pleased with.

Glad you enjoyed the articles.