Monday, 20 June 2011

Not Totally Idle

Well I have managed to get a small amount of time at the lathe to keep the work moving.

Here are four pieces. Three are ready for texturing and colouring with the forth already at this stage.

These will be variations of my Japanese inspired work. Not liking to sit still, I try, if possible develop and refine my work even only if by the smallest of detail.

The finials for these will be again slightly different and plinths will be made for them to sit.

But then I may change my mind by the time I get back so I will have to see.

The last pic shows some of the detail.


Mood Wood said...

Hi Mark,

These are fascinating mate. Knowing some of how you start these pieces and where they end up is a real joy to watch, very inspirational in themselves.

Can't wait to see they're development as they are reflecting your own developmen so well.

I hope you are prepared or the trip, my intuition tells me that things are going to change for you in unexpected ways, hopefully you'll still stay in touch when the fame hits! LOL!

All the best to you Mark for a safe and happy experience in Minnesota.



Mark said...

Hi Lee

Thanks for your comments. Hopefully I will get some more time on these when I get back. I have a few ideas on different finial shapes and materials.

Fame, ! Lol. I don;t think so. As long as I can keep paying my bills doing what I love that is good enough for me.

Thanks again and will speak after I get back.