Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Well it was good enough for John Denver. :-)

The bags and tools are packed, online checkin done, dollars picked up and camera charged.

Bristol to Amsterdam and then onto Minnesota, arround 12 hours flight time.

I have been looking at the rotations during the symposium and there is a huge amount going on. Looking very well organised and with all these top named turners/makers will mean it is going to be a good trip. Some that I work with regularly as with Mark Baker who will also be at the symposium after having produced a DVD in Florida.

The stand that I will be demonstrating Crown Tools will be with Clay Johnson of "Choice Woods".

Also demonstrating on the same stand as me will be Jimmy Clewes. This for me will be a real treat as Jimmy is a turner who I have admired for many years and who indirectly through his DVD's taught me how to use the long grind.

The venue looks great and the Symposium Planning Guide looks packed with fantastic demo's etc.

So I am excitedly signing off to get some chill time before the long journey and will update with hundreds of pictures when I get back, and hopefully a few stories to tell.


Mood Wood said...

Hope all goes well Mark, have a good one!

sue said...

Hope all went well Mark

Mark said...

Hi Lee and Sue

Thank you for comments. Yes it went well and I will be posting a few threads soon, with some pics.

Thanks again