Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Getting ready

Well the time is ticking along and the trip to America is coming ever closer.

Currently I am busy getting ready while finishing off commissions, articles, tools deliveries etc before I head for Bristol Airport, then Holland and finally Minnesota. It seems a bit of a fractured journey but I guess the people in charge of the flights do it for a reason.

Having visited the States on numerous occassion for both business and pleasure I am looking forward to getting back as I very much the country, people and the ability to eat a decent sized steak without having to take out a mortgage.

It is amazing how much has to be put in place when running a business so that things can run while I am away.

The tool sales are going well and I have been surprised by how popular the 5/8th shaft Revolution has been. At the moment I am just about getting enough stock to keep the orders flowing.

So today it is finishing the next article and more planning and preparation.

Nothing to post picture wise at the moment.

I am working on a new group of work but until they are finished am not able to post.

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