Sunday, 29 May 2011

After which

After the teaching it was onto getting work boxed up and promotional bits and pieces together for a nine day Arts Trail which is held every other year in the Wylye Valley. This being my second time on the trail so I was looking forward to catching up with some old friends.

Fortunately on the first occasion I was contacted by Jon and Louise Stone who are two creative and talented photographers, web site here. They asked me to join them at their studio together with Fi Mehra jeweller, who I have since the first time of meeting Fi attended her studio for a lesson on silver work. Fi again is a creative maker who makes working in her chosen craft look so easy, but when I try it seems to turn into a melted mes

This year ceramacist Linda Bristow is also exhibiting with us at the studio, her work is wonderful and I have obtain some pictures for my blog after asking for permission to post them. You can of course check out Linda's web site just click on here highlighten name.

In the first two days there was over two hundred visitors to the studio and it is refreshing to meet people who appreciate the work of us all. Sales are g

ood and it has given me confidence in that people are willing to purchase individual quality hand made work.

The other benefit and this being one of the main reasons that I enjoy it so much is due to being able to interact with other creative people from different disciplines to my own. It is certainly evident within my limited exposure that they have a dynamic and modern way of thinking towards the creative process.

Also marketing and promotion is high on the adjenda and work is carried out very business like.

Here are a few pictures of my daughters with Fi making a silver ring each. Both love making so I like to try to keep them enthusiastic about the crafts available to them.

Various pictures of Linda's ceramics.

Pictures of Fi working and some of her products. All made from scratch in pure silver, gold with precious and semi precious stones.


George Foweraker said...

Hi Mark.
I am really pleased to hear you have done well on sales this week and several bookings for lessons.
I hope you have a good day tomorrow.Regards George

Mood Wood said...

Hi Mark,

Hope your having an enjoyable week, I bet it's a great experience mixing with the other artists.

Hope all goes well for you and looking forward to your next piece.

Take it easy mate,


Mark said...

Hi George and Lee

Thank you for your comments.

Yes I had a great week and picked up some good ideas. Sales were good and bookings for tuition also.

I have a back order of commissions and then it is onto the new work that I have designed.