Sunday, 15 May 2011


Recently I had need to purchase a new camera for my work.

I often spend many hours just snapping away at various subjects that I find interesting.

The camera I have has a 35x optical and 140 x digital zoom, and while a digital zoom does some what pixelate the image there can be benefits in using it.

So I though I would have a go at capturing the moon. The textures and shapes will have been seen before in many a book but still intesting to me none the less.


Mood Wood said...

Hey Mark,

Been in hospital for 4 days with Kidney stones FFS!

Anyway, awaiting delivery of a new camera too, the Nikon D5000.

Be great to talk camera/photo work with you and be interested in hearing about your new camera.

Speak soon.


Mark said...

Hi Lee

ouch. Sorry I was not here when you rang. Had a demo in Berkshire and was locked into the workshop before I went.

We can certainly talk camera work, but I don;t know much about it. Lol apart from the basics but I will certainly help out where I can.

speak later