Saturday, 7 May 2011

An enjoyable weekend

Saturday was spent at Axminster Woodturners, Devon for the first of two demonstrations this weekend. Followed by a second full day demo at Woodbury Woodturners Devon.

It was a privileged to be ask to demonstrate at Axminster Woodturners for their 10th anniversary. There are many good turners on the circuit so for me to be ask for this celebration demo was a privilege.

Firstly I want to thank Michael Gent, Chairman and all of the members for a genuinely fantastic and friendly day. The banter was enjoyable and the food was equally welcome. Being the anniversary the members had brought a selection of delicious home made food, I have to say I am probably a few pounds heavier. Especially after the cake, much better than the usual doughnuts that I would munch in my last job I have to say. :-) and there were even olives stuffed with garlic, yumm my fav food.

For a full day demo I generally have 4-5 projects to show. A lot of preparation before the day is needed as I generally make a semi finished item for each project so that I do not have to spend time sanding laboriously, or to spend 20 minutes hollowing that no one can actually see. It is important for me to impart what knowledge I have so that the members can learn and hopefully take away some new ideas.

The processes for each project are explained and practically shown, including discussions about the tools used, and any questions answered. Hopefully if I know the answers that is. :-) . Certainly I do not know them all and I do not think that I have been to a demo where I have not learnt from the members.

The day started with a demonstration of how to make a lidded form.

Part way through the morning a welcome coffee and chat with the members.

The project was then finished and in the time between this and lunch a retro mirror that was recently featured in woodturning magazine was made. No not all 16 spindles were turned just one to show the process the other 15 were turned the day before and coloured, ready to go.

Then lunch and a chance to speak to more of the members. Oh and the view out of the window across the Devon countryside has to be seen.

After lunch it was a textured scorched platter followed by an incense urn with texturing and colour based on the one below.

A great day and it was appreciated the number of members that came up to me personally after the demo to say how much they had enjoyed it.

Thank you all for a very enjoyable day.

And one final thank you to the kind member that took the photographs of me demonstrating.

I will be seeing some of the members from Axminster woodturners on Sunday as they are attending Woodbury Woodturners to watch me again. ! But different projects are at hand to reduce the cross over.

Some pictures of the incense burner being made.

More pics and info to come in relation to the demo at Woodbury woodturners will be updated soon.