Sunday, 22 May 2011

Recent Visit to Eden Project

When ever I go on holiday I always have at hand my camera. Taking pictures for me is a two fold process. 1/ A record can be kept of where I have been and family memories, taking pictures of interesting objects helps with future ideas. 2/ By using a camera I have found that I really have to observe what is around me and as such can train myself to see things thatI did not.

Here are some pictures taken from my visit. The first pictures are of a sculpture made entirely from discarded rubbish/junk. For me it respresents the monstor that we ourselves create and inflict on our planet. It also is a fine example of how powerful statements can be created by using objects that we would not normally perhaps think about incorporating in our work.

Note the discarded computer mice used for the teath. Taking time to have a look to see what other items have been used is interesting and has given me a few ideas.

The remaining pictures are items that I found interesting with regards to form, texture and colour.


Mood Wood said...

Hi Mark,

You're getting some really great shots with your new camera, excellent forms and sculptures which I'm sure will give you many an idea.

Nice 1 on the Ireland trip confirmation too.



Mark said...

Hi Lee

Thanks for that. Mind you for every one decent pic I get there are ten rubbish ones. But that is the great thing about digital, no wastage and developing.

Yes I am please about the Ireland trip.

take care


George Foweraker said...

Very interesting I like the texture in the last pic.

Mark said...

Yes the textures pic was taken at a local beech to us when on holiday.

I have loads more and will have to set up a seperate section to the blog for pics when I can work out how to do it.