Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Playing catch up

Things are busy at the moment in relation to writing, teaching and a week Arts Trail coming up which I still have to prepare for . So not much in the way of actial turning at the moment or new work. So I thought I would post a few more pictures of items that I have found of interest.

The moon and sun pictures shown before and in this thread have all been taken with my new Canon SX30 is Power Shot which has a 35 x optical zoom ( the largest on the market apparently for a bridge camera, not that I am bragging just thought if any one is looking for a new camera I would give the full details.)

The moon picture above at the time of being taken was behind fine cloud cover so it was not that clear due to the blooming.

The moon/sun pics were taken with the digital Zoom which is max of 14o x's. While this will obviously pixelate the quality it allows me to take pictures that I never dreamed of. Especially seeing it is a single lens camera. The pixelation can be rendered after to a certain degree with photo software. But the moon pictures here have not had any computer enhancement/rendering.

The camera also allows various other settings one of which useful for product photography such as turnings and sculptures is the macro setting. The camera lens can be almost touching the subject and fully focussed for the picture.

The main thing I like about the camera is the ease of use which for a photographyfobe such as myself is the main consideration next to picture quality. So these are more snaps that proper photography.

140 x zoom

Fungi ( don't ask me what type), taken using macro

This Chaffinch was a distant unrecognisable spot at the top of a tree. Not until I zoomed in could I see it was a finch. You can just see the insect in its beak that it had just caught.


Mood Wood said...

Great work with the new camera Mark.

Check out my blog for my first set of macro test images, it's great fun when you get a new toy eh? LOL!

Aw the best,


George Foweraker said...

Nice pics Mark.