Sunday, 22 May 2011

Visit to Ireland

The trip to Ireland in March of next year has I am very pleased to say been confirmed. Two days of demonstrations with the Gorey Chapter at their symposium on the Saturday and Sunday. I have been asked to take a master class on the Sunday which will involve texturing and colouring showing some of the techniques that I use in order to show how work can be developed further.

An exciting time and I am looking forward to the experience.


George Foweraker said...

Hi Mark.
I have been to Ireland quite a few times and have always enjoyed it the countryside is stunning and the people are very friendly.
I understand you are taking Liz that will be a treat for both of you and for the club members that attend your demo's.
Very well done

Mark said...

Hi George

Thanks for that.It will be a great trip and I am looking forward to it.