Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Woodbury Woodturners

Sunday was back down to Devon for another full day demo at Woodbury Woodturners.

The club is very friendly and it is enjoyable to attend as there is a wide range of skilled turners .

Some members also attended from the Axminster club from the day before. So I had prepared a few different projects to keep the interest.

Thank you to Keith West for taking and kindly allowing me to use these photo's. All copyright for the photos in this thread remain that of Keith West.

The day started with a wide rim textured and scorched bowl. I enjoy making these as they can be made in a multitude of variants by altering the texture and adding colour.

Followed by coffee and biscuits and a time to chat to members.

The next project covered was a small version of one of my garden sculptures. This seems to go down well when ever I demonstrate it possibly as it is slightly more unusual.

Hoping not to set off the smoke detector.:-)

Lunch was an enjoyable feast of some freshly made pasties from the local butchers. I have to say that normally I am not a huge pasty fan. Probably down to only ever eating the ones you buy from the service station wrapped in cellophane.

But these were to die for and my opinion of this south west food has been greatly changed for the better.

The afternoon was taken up with the demonstration of an offset hole lidded form including colouring and texturing. a variation on the one below. Including gold leaf and colouring to produce an aged metal effect.

Finally I finished up with a stained and verdigris incense burner. Showing a variation of the colouring technique previously demonstrate.

The day I believe was a success and thank you all for your hospitality. There was great exchange of ideas and as always I picked up a few tips along the way. This for me is one of the benefits of meeting so many turners, we all have a slightly different way of doing things and the exchange of ideas is more often than not beneficial.

A few more pics of the day that were kindly taken for me on my camera by one of the members. Thank you.

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George Foweraker said...

Looks like a good crowd and it sounds like you had a good day