Monday, 5 July 2010

Garden sculpture

How the time goes.

July already and I have not added an entry for a few weeks. Very busy at the moment working on a project which I will reveal when it is ready to launch.

Before I started turning I made free form sculptures. These were carved using various tools and methods. I found that the time to make these was for my mind set too long, so lost interest.

About a year ago a new group was set up. "The Contemporary Wood Collective" This group was set up by a few like minded creative makers to help support and help individuals that are interested in creative work, be it mixed media, wood, turning, sculpting.

One of the ideas behind the group was to try to think outside of the box so to speak. For me the group has been very beneficial and as such the way I think and work has changed radically.

I have now gone" full circle" have have found ways in which to use the lathe to make sculptures by using an off set process. Nothing new in this as many turners have been doing it for decades. It means however that by adapting it to my way of working I am now able to speed up the process of making sculptures and as such have started exploring these again.

The previous "Human Form" sculpture I posted was a marquette for the larger pieces one of which I have posted above. Interestingly enough now that I have started making these the need to source a garden where I can take the sculptures to be photographed came to the forefront. This has now been achieved although the picture above is taken in my own garden which is not big enough or elaborate enough to do the pictures/sculpture justice.

I am now developing these and will post some more as and when. Don;t know when that will be as like I say I am busy.