Monday, 28 October 2013


This time of year I always find very inspiring, the changing of lush greens to deep browns and reds of leaves, the rotting vegetation and quickly changing scenes across in the landscape are particularly inspiring for my work.

The picture above is of a leaf from an Acer japonica in my gardenm, probably if not my favourite tree, although the ornamental cherry comes a close second.

Saturday, 26 October 2013


This is the latest computer renderings I have been working on. It took a while to get the effect I was after in the 'Flow' picture. The one below is a further development in my 'Orchid' series.

Monday, 21 October 2013


This is another recently finished piece incorporating the same methods as the previous forms shown.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Recently finished piece

The piece here was made to replace a similar previous piece shown for a gallery showcase at The Grey Door Gallery, Castle Cary as the first piece which was intended for the showcase was purchased and now resides in Hong Kong so I had to get my skates onto make another, the one that now has new home is shown below.

Contact with the Grey Door Gallery was by chance when my work was recommended to them by a customer of mine. The gallery is located in the ancient town of Castle Cary that records first list as far back as the Norman Invasion. The quality of work on display, including ceramics, glass and paintings which is of a high standard which was evident to me when I went along initially to show some of my work to the owner and I was very pleased to have mine accepted.  

The showcase last until the end of October at which time I have been asked to submit  more work for the run up to the Christmas season. 

Friday, 18 October 2013

Orchid 2

To say it is manic at the moment is an understatement, the buzz that this brings is enjoyable, but I am conscious that highs are often shorter lived than lows, not that there is a differential between the two as they are both a state of mind.

This aside, it is important for me to keep working, creatively, as at the moment as I am producing a lot of, what I call bread and butter work for outlets to sell for the Christmas season. It is always a good time of year,'must make hay while the sun shines'.

So to keep my mind engaged I keep developing my computer generated art, which has received some commercial interest of late and is ticking over nicely.

The picture here is a continuation of 'Orchid' being developed in the background.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Turning hollow forms 'My First Book' !!

Little did I know when I started turning that I would pursue the craft for a living, let alone write a book on my passion of turning hollow forms. 

To say I am filled with pride is an understatement, not only because of the achievement of having a book in print, but also of the content.

Central to my ethos in working and indeed in writing this book, is a desire to keep it simple and practical. My intention in the book, which can be preordered from the links below, is to take the reader/turner through the whole process from tree/log to finished form, including;

Workshop set up and lathes.

Hollowing tools, how to choose and use them.

What to look for in a section of trunk or branch wood.

How to process for best results.

How to orientate for cross grain, end grain, seasoned and unseasoned forms. 

Form and design as a guide for further investigation.

How to season successfully, using simple low cost methods.

A practical working section on wood technology, stripping away all but what is needed by the turner for success in hollow form turning.

7 progressive projects taking the reader through the various disciplines from an open end grain vessel to an unseasoned thin walled hollow form with small opening.

The result I am very proud of and am confident it will be a great addition for anyone wishing to start out in turning hollow forms. Why ?, well all of the information in the book is what I use on a daily basis, so I know it is tried and tested to be simple and effective. 

Pre Order below.