Saturday, 29 January 2011

Oak Sculpture

The idea of this piece was to show that imperfect green oak in this case a fresh cut post can be turn using the minimal amount of tools to produce an item that is more sculptural and interesting than the usual bowls and hollow forms that I normally turn.

Very few tools are used with the sculptures being a simple project to make. The scorching was used to highlight the off the tool/band saw marks which are not overly evident in the picture but add an interesting texture beneath the scorching.

This is the first of many such sculptures that can be designed from sizes of 300mm to 2.5 meters tall. They are made primarily to add sculptural interest to a garden with the oak adding to this with its cracked surface that will age over time.

If any one is interested in having a go at one of these or adapting the project to your own design then the project can be viewed within the latest woodturning magazine out now for purchase.

I enjoy now turning without finishing with abrasive and texturing the surface of the item with a hammer or other equally technical tools as I realised that you do not have to buy expensive texturing tools to produce interesting textures. Added to this stains, scorching or other media can be used to add accents to the piece.

Monday, 10 January 2011

It's a New Year !!

Well the new year is here, although I am some what late posting and have not for some time, I thought I should get back into blogging.

Unfortunately I have not posted for some time due to being busy, the festive season and various other excuses that I feel enables me to quantify my laziness, :-) .

For some time now I have been talking about a change in direction. This is not because I do not enjoy what I do but I have always driven myself in my respective careers to try out new ideas and processes with a view of bettering what I can do.

This involves a new range of work which is modern in both materials and design and some of these are starting to evolve, however while I may post a few tasters on my blog the rest will remain under wraps until they have been launched on a new web site I am currently and very slowly building.

Apart from this I have been revisiting my current work and spending much time in the sketch book developing and extending what I currently make in these designs. New techniques and media are being included.

I do not have much to show at the moment picture wise so have just included a few reference pics that I continually take as reference material for new ideas. You may find these of use for ideas yourself.