Friday, 26 April 2013

Little Boxes

Box making is enjoyable but I tend not to get much time to make them. This one however is one I have recently finished, inspired by Far Eastern ceramics and architecture.

Black Bird

Pretty much each year we are blessed to have several species of birds nest in bushes just outside of the front window of our home.

This is a picture I managed to take of mother Black Bird sitting on her nest. There is another nearby as the sounds of little voices can be heard as the parents fly in and out, however the habitat being left alone is more important than me getting a picture, I was only able to take this one as I could just see into the bush and using a zoom without having to disturb anything. But the picture is not brilliant as I was just over a meter away and I am no David Bailey.

Such a wonderful time of year.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Recently finished pieces

Recently I was contacted by a mixed media gallery the owners had seen my 'Impermanence' series and other sculptural work and have asked me to supply them with nine pieces. The piece here is the first of these pieces, lots of work to do but and it is rewarding to have this type of work being sought after, especially as the gallery owners of 25yrs in the business to date have not included  turned wood until now, normally  accepting only ceramics, glass and fine art.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Spring is just around the corner. !!

Spring is late coming this year, today being the first day I have felt willing to go into the garden without wearing wooly hat or rain coat. The sun was shining the birds singing and I just put the kettle on, brewed a cuppa, grabbed my camera and chilled in the darden for half an hour.

Macro photography I find particularly interesting, the colours, textures and shapes of items we often just walk past are inspiring beyond imagination for use within my work.

These are a few I snapped, and while I will not be posting much wood turning as such, I thought I would share these.