Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Turning in Spain

From the 25th - 27th  I will be demonstrating at a woodworking show in Northern Spain  in collaboration of tornnyfusta , and my sponsor Crown Hand Tools I am looking forward to the experience and hope I can grab a few pictures through out the show to add to my blog on my return. I am also hoping to try out some genuine Paella and of course sangria, but having been abroad before for the same I normally get very little time to see the sights.

Nice amount of work via sculpture commissions to get stuck into upon my return so hopefully I can get some pics of this too in the following weeks. The sculptural work seems to be quite popular and is a nice addition and amalgamation to the turning.

Catch up soon

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Yandles show

Friday and Saturday this coming weekend is the Spring Show at Yandles, Martock, Somerset.

I will be there demonstrating for my sponsor Crown Tools together with loads of other demonstrators and companies. The weather is looking good so it should be an brilliant weekend. Come along, say hi and see all the crafts being demonstrated.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Few recent pieces

Here are a few pure turned hollow forms in Sycamore, Beech and Ash that I have finished buffing today together with the picture above also being finished, titled 'Fisherman'

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


While I have five minutes to spare, an update to the blog is in order.

Other than the workshop upgrade I have been teaching, writing, demonstrating and in my spare time of running the home and ferrying my daughters around,!! making  for galleries and commissions pictures of which I will try my hardest to post some time in the future, don't know when exactly as work load has made me look at prioritizing which until recently has mainly included doing what I want to do and not what has to be done. After all life is too short to go rushing around with work. !! mind you I think of what I do as playing and not work at all, I am very lucky I guess.

A recurring  theme in any creative pursuit is stagnation for which I have come to realise is the flow of the process, fortunately I am able to produce many items people want and after a blast of production turning, the cobwebs are blown free and my brain starts working back toward creative ideas.

Work load has continued to take large steps upward to the extent now that I am seriously considering cutting back on demonstrations for 2015 and onward other than wood working shows and a few near by. Mainly I have had enough of driving around the country late into the night, missing time with my family and neglecting making in the day due to the preparation time required. Commissions and interest in my work means that time has to be prioritized towards making and less driving around the country.

Teaching is something I greatly enjoy, hence the reason for taking time out to re-organise my workshop. More work is in the pipeline for this including extended storage space to free upwork area for me to upgrade my second lathe so that teaching of two people is more accessible.


Recently Bert attended a days course on hollow form turning as a Christmas present. Bert I have known for some years now as we are both members of the Burnham-on-Sea woodturning club, with Bert attending several courses I have previously run with George Foweraker. The theme for the day was to look at the tools and processes for turning a hollow form in seasoned Oak with a steep undercut.

The day was very enjoyable and a success with Bert achieving his aim producing a lovely form is seasoned oak. I look forward to meeting up again in the near future Bert.

Second but by no mean least was Adam who runs his own business but on the side loves to turn. Adam attended after a days tuition was purchased for him as a gift. Again the theme for the day was hollowing but on this occasion Adam wanted to look at utilizing unseasoned wood to produce a deep open form. The full process from wood selection, form to turning tools and techniques were covered with Adam producing a great form and having an enjoyable day.

Running courses with George Foweraker  at his excellently equipped workshop are popular and being extended to include more themes for this year and 2015.

My book is a great success, the numbers sold has surprised me and the excellent positive feedback received has been great.

Photography for textures, shape and form is still a big interest, a few of the latest pictures I have taken are shown below.