Thursday, 29 August 2013


Here is the previous sculpture now finished. It stands 300mm high and is finished with acrylic car spray on a sycamore base also sprayed.

The name 'Eatherios' comes from the word ethereal and is linked with the Greek myths of the swan. The Greeks saw the Swan as a heavenly being, of a different world, which is also reflected in other cultures in relation to the swan.

Hopefully I will be able to develop these further, once I can get back into the workshop.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

2nd sculpture

This is the second of the sculpture that I have been working on. It is partly finished and is shown here on a waste slab of sycamore that I use to drive a nail into so the form can be fixed for spraying.

Working on these new pieces is an enjoyable process and at the moment I can not see myself returning to pure work as I am enjoying myself here too much, but then I define the word 'fickle', but I may change my mind tomorrow. !!

Designing more sculptures has been on going and I have many to work with in the future. However before I start too many I am going to look at developing these into much larger forms. The previous sculpture I am able to turn on my lathe up to 1m long, however this latest one is about as large as I can produce on the lathe due to the size of blank needed, unless I go out board. Turning this form to produce the external profile is the fastest method but if I go to a much larger section of wood the process starts to become dangerous so I will probably revert to cutting this one out on the bandsaw. Yes it could be one on the lathe but with large pieces of wood you only have to have one accident and it can be the end.  It is not for me about producing solely on the lathe but the producing of a final piece. At times the lathe can help others it can restrict so seeing it a nothing other than a tool.

Future sculptures being designed are more involved and will be produce using many turned joined sections. But when that will be I am not sure as these first two are a good eight months late.