Thursday, 22 May 2014

Finished and delivered

The sculpture commission that I have been working on has finally been completed and delivered to the customer who I am glad to say is very pleased with the end result.  The Swan stands just over half a meter  and was commissioned to have a high black gloss finish set on the aged base. The finish was an interesting and lengthy process requiring a huge amount of patience and attention to the smallest of detail, this however paid off i and I was very pleased with the tactile feel and finish up close. The picture below shows it delivered in its final place at the customers home, so it is time to start the next sculpture which has been designed and is ready to go.


George Foweraker said...

Wonderful work Mark I am not surprised your customer was pleased with it.

Mark said...

Thanks George.

I enjoyed making this one, as soon as I Have finished the garden I can get back to it. I love taking time off work to do, well, more work. :-)