Thursday, 19 June 2014

Using up scraps

After processing the wood I source for my work the waste checked and processed further into small box and spindle blanks. Although I don't do a lot of spindle work as such I hate to throw away wood. As a result my wood store has become over stocked so after some head scratching I came up with this project for the galleries I supply to help use up some of the hundreds of small blanks in my store. 

This piece stands around 300 mm high and holds a battery powered 'T' light within the black pierced section and looks great in the evenings flickering on the sideboard. It was inspired by the Buddhist Stupa which is a building/structure of stone or wood that is used used to store religious relics, as well as being a place for worship. What grabbed me was forms and shapes of these buildings and how I could produce a project based on them with the added bonus of using up some wood stock. There are hundreds of variations to the form of the stupa so it is large resource for turning projects and one I will certainly re-visit for further exploration. 

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